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Our world is getting smaller every day. As more and more public and private sector organizations find themselves in need of qualified, knowledgeable linguists to enable effective communication with all members of society, they are turning to Interlingua Services because they know that “We Speak World.”

Interlingua Services requires all our linguists to undergo an extensive skills and credentials review process before joining our team. We start with an evaluation of their relevant education, experience and certifications. This careful vetting process enables us to provide our clients with precise, reliable and culturally-sensitive interpretation, translation and other language services.

By getting it right the first time, we provide cost-effective services that result in consistently high public and private sector client satisfaction ratings across scores of languages. Our cadre of highly skilled linguists will help you communicate clearly and effectively while also navigating the cultural sensitivities and compliance challenges necessitated by doing business in our increasingly global marketplace. LEARN MORE

Our mission is simple:

We want to help bring you closer to your customers.